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Love You to Bits

Bit by bit,
1 0 1 0
0 1 0 1
1 1 1 1
Word by word,
02 B0 D1 E5
A5 00 00 01
We’re connected
― B


So, this is an unusual post for me – not that I’ve posted a lot – as it detours from my typical poetry or rare prose. I was listening to a little PRI tonight via NPR and heard a story about Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi, a Zimbabwean singer/musician, that I wanted to share. It talked about his road back to a new album after a couple year hiatus due to grieving for his 21 year old son who tragically died in a car crash. His son, if I’m accurate here, also played sax in his band. One would guess the obvious that getting back into music was therapeutic and necessary for him to “move on”. But it was something else he said that resonated with me and will undoubtedly do so more with someone reading this that has lost someone close to them…God forbid a son or daughter. Its simple, not profound, yet, to me anyway, powerful. Hopefully a couple passersby feel the same way.

“…at times bereavement is part of life, it’s not the end of life…”

Check out more at this link from the article/interview by Alex Gallafent.




Along the road of life she rides shotgun,
Ne’er a backseat driver
Admiring the landscape through side window
Yet always at arms length
Helping steer when the path curves dangerously
Navigating the course when the destination’s unclear

On the beach of life she strolls alongside,
Ne’er shouldering the burden of anguish, sorrow or defeat
Tracking another set of footprints in the sand, always
No matter the distance traveled
Stopping to rest when legs need pause
Holding a hand when comfort desired

In the book of life she cherishes the cover,
Ne’er an over-the-shoulder reader
Appreciating the story’s twists and turns
Despite its unedited rawness
Dog-earing a page so not to be forgotten
Advancing a chapter when the plot starts to suffer

Within the ocean of life she wades nearby,
Ne’er a life preserver
Welcoming the ups and the downs
Of its perpetual waves
Soothing a stomach when seasickness arises
Providing companionship in a lonesome world

She does not direct, carry, judge or save
Her spirit is ever present
++To guide you
++++To move you
++++++To motivate you

And in the end,
She is your champion
For you, and you alone, conquer all

― B

Hips to Lips

I stroll my finger along your hip,
Caressing your olive skin
Inviting goosebumps to give rise
For things to come

It circles … and circles … your navel
Tightening muscles in its wake
Each ring, rings anticipation
So exposed, so defenseless

A lone pilgrimage attracts four others
Settling in the valley of your waist
Perfect curves adored by hand
Building pressure unreleased

A twin glides amid your breasts
Coaxing utterances for our ears alone
A puppeteer to an arched back
Rising higher with each stroke

The pair unite at destiny’s end
Where fingers see for closed eyes
Red, damp, full, and athirst for affection
Your lips embraced for a kiss

― B


Bring it on!
Muscles bulged
Fists clenched
Head teeming with rage

Chalk up another victim
A battered trophy,
For public display
Spawns fodder for the babble

Oh the target
And a low threshold for pain

Better yet
And too yella to rat

Licks the lips
Blood thirsty hound
A loaded gun
Ready to rip

Laugh it up!
Grin curled
Presence mocked
Core crackling with fury

Insane sanity
Seeded survival
Nurtured by fear
Blossomed with madness

Oh the aggressor
And a short fuse to boot

Better yet
And bravado unbecoming

Waits in the shadows
Outfoxes the hound
Brings a knife to a gunfight
Long odds to be beaten

― B


Body pressed against mirror
Reflect closed eyes – souvenir

Passion seeps in mouth agape
As sweat beads, atop the nape

Arms outstretched, unprotected
Hands clench hands, intersected

Melded hearts beat syncopate
Ecstasy to satiate

Unleashed tempest visceral
Brush inside body mural

Torsos buckle, breaths release
Souls united, love gives peace

― B


Between pitch of space and royal sky
Weightless and carefree


Thoughts drift
Casted about in the mind’s slipstream
Vessels unbounded


To each, controlling none, chasing tails
Adrift bewildered


Eyes aim, apathy an accomplice
Compassion suppressed


Crash landing, with no ground to touch down
Still aloft, flailing


Judgement shrouded, emotions baited
Being burdened




Clarity rises
Senses breathe, rejuvenated heart


Start controlled descent
Floating effortlessly, momentum


Empathy nudging
Solace forward, inner-core reaching


A ship’s course righted
Unchained from fantasy, clever thoughts


Piloted musings
Gravity beckons, spawning a mind


Grounded and secure
Rooted in reality, firmly


― B

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