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Along the road of life she rides shotgun,
Ne’er a backseat driver
Admiring the landscape through side window
Yet always at arms length
Helping steer when the path curves dangerously
Navigating the course when the destination’s unclear

On the beach of life she strolls alongside,
Ne’er shouldering the burden of anguish, sorrow or defeat
Tracking another set of footprints in the sand, always
No matter the distance traveled
Stopping to rest when legs need pause
Holding a hand when comfort desired

In the book of life she cherishes the cover,
Ne’er an over-the-shoulder reader
Appreciating the story’s twists and turns
Despite its unedited rawness
Dog-earing a page so not to be forgotten
Advancing a chapter when the plot starts to suffer

Within the ocean of life she wades nearby,
Ne’er a life preserver
Welcoming the ups and the downs
Of its perpetual waves
Soothing a stomach when seasickness arises
Providing companionship in a lonesome world

She does not direct, carry, judge or save
Her spirit is ever present
++To guide you
++++To move you
++++++To motivate you

And in the end,
She is your champion
For you, and you alone, conquer all

― B


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