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So, this is an unusual post for me – not that I’ve posted a lot – as it detours from my typical poetry or rare prose. I was listening to a little PRI tonight via NPR and heard a story about Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi, a Zimbabwean singer/musician, that I wanted to share. It talked about his road back to a new album after a couple year hiatus due to grieving for his 21 year old son who tragically died in a car crash. His son, if I’m accurate here, also played sax in his band. One would guess the obvious that getting back into music was therapeutic and necessary for him to “move on”. But it was something else he said that resonated with me and will undoubtedly do so more with someone reading this that has lost someone close to them…God forbid a son or daughter. Its simple, not profound, yet, to me anyway, powerful. Hopefully a couple passersby feel the same way.

“…at times bereavement is part of life, it’s not the end of life…”

Check out more at this link from the article/interview by Alex Gallafent.



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